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-From the Desk of Tekoa Da Silva, Publisher of and Author of BulletProof Shares

Tekoa Da Silva is a resource investment traveler, writer and entrepreneur. He has been investing in gold since his late teens, and has built and sold a successful gold trading company. Additionally, he and has worked with some of the world’s most legendary investors and CEO’s of the world’s largest gold & precious metals mining organizations. He has been published in, and currently views today’s bull market in precious metals as a “once in a millennium” opportunity for proactive investors. His goal is help his subscribers build and preserve wealth using precious metals investments and defensive asset protection strategies.

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to you today to alert you to the most important asset protection strategy message I’ve ever published. Initially written for my close circle of friends and investment partners, “BulletProof Shares” – How To Protect Your Stocks From Broker Bankruptcy & Theft, may be the single most valuable thing I will ever bring to your attention.

We are living in time where as investors & citizens, we are being lied to by the financial community, as to the actual true health of the organizations we’ve so deeply trusted for most of our lives. With that said, let me share with you a bit of what I’ve discovered.

During the MF Global collapse in the fall of 2011, 800 individuals who held stocks—actual stocks of companies in their accounts at MF Global, were victims of fraud and are going through the same class-action, bankruptcy court shenanigans that all the other MF Global victims are currently going through. The same thing happened to another stock brokerage in Canada, although it was not publicized in the news. Former MF GLobal CEO
An article was published recently in the New York Times in which the editor indicated that, “The loophole that allowed MF Global to convert more than $1 billion in customer property to its own reckless bet on European debt is still in effect”. The editor goes on to say that this loophole, “allowed firms to do whatever they wanted with customer money, including using it to speculate for their own accounts.”
What this means is that nothing has changed, and if you own stocks with any brokerage house in the United States or Canada, or anywhere in the Western world in fact—you may be at risk of losing everything—And here’s why.

When you purchase a stock in your brokerage account—it’s NOT purchased in YOUR name. It’s purchased in the NAME OF THE broker—which is called, “street name registration”. So if the broker goes bankrupt, you become a creditor, waiting in line for your money at the bankruptcy court.
You might say, “But I’m insured by the SIPC”. That’s true if you live in the United States, but let me tell you something—I interviewed an agent at the SIPC and wrote an editorial on them called, “The Dirty Secret the SIPC Doesn’t Want You To Know About.” .

In that interview, I found out that under normal market conditions—the SIPC only carries $1B in capital to cover broker fraud claims. Now to put this into perspective–MF Global lost over $6 Billion in customer equity. Granted, stock accounts were only a small percentage of their client base—so that aspect didn’t make front page news. But what is important—is that $1B in today’s market environment, can be tapped out within minutes. JP Morgan which serves as a clearinghouse and fund manager for a majority of the country’s broker dealers—has a $90 trillion dollar derivative exposure. That is 90,000 times more than the SIPC bailout fund—which is supposed to protect the industry. And that’s just one Wall Street bank. The top 5 investment brokerage banks on Wall Street, have derivative exposure of $250 trillion…which is 250,000 times more liability than the SIPC carries in it’s rescue fund.

To put it bluntly, if one of these major brokerages goes down, it will wipe out the SIPC in seconds. I know I’m generalizing this all here, but this is how serious things are in the financial system today, and if you want to protect your financial future, you need to take action.

Additionally, MF Global is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion. And, if cash and investments held at MF Global can just disappear, what does that mean for every other broker-dealer in the western financial system?

I’ve been waiting for this inevitability, and in fact, I feel it will be an event which will tear through the fabric of the mainstream investment system, devouring both winning and losing investment portfolios indiscriminately.


“The loophole that allowed MF Global to convert more than $1 billion in customer property to its own reckless bet on European debt is still in effect.


-James B. Stewart, The New York Times

The reason for this coming broker-dealer crisis is simple. The entire western financial system is built on debt… it’s an anti-capitalist system set-up to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. It started in 1913 with the founding of The Federal Reserve, went down the slippery slope with gold confiscation in the US in 1933 and reached the beginning of the end in 1971 with Nixon closing the gold window, turning the US dollar (officially called the Federal Reserve Note, look in your pocket if you don’t believe us) into a completely fiat currency.

In more recent times, it was the repeal of the Glass-Steagel act that allowed Investment Banks to acquire broker-dealers, and pass the risks of 100-1 leverage downstream to all client accounts. Therefore, you’re stock investments are now only as safe as the speculative portfolio of your broker-dealer! Considering most Western Investment Houses are leveraged at least 40-1, this means your stocks are no safer than a 40-1 bet on European bonds! (Which most western investment banks are leveraged to the teeth with)

And the same thing applies in Canada to Canadian brokerages and Canadian stocks. The Canadian economy is intricately tied to the US. In fact, not many people are aware, but all that backs the Canadian dollar is the US dollar. The Canadian Government sold all its gold decades ago.

In addition, what few investors realize is that MF Global was a clearinghouse for both stocks and futures. To all those paying attention, it is indeed the first row of balcony seating collapsing in a progressively burning movie theatre.

The entire monetary & financial system is headed for its final destination – total collapse… and 2008 was just the beginning.

steve“If you were lucky enough not to be a customer of MF Global … then you should view the MFG episode as a warning shot. You might not get another warning shot.”

-Steven Saville, The Speculative Investor


I’ve been telling people there are still a few more years left before the ultimate day of reckoning for the financial system… not 10 or 15. But maybe 2 to 3 more years. I believe the Federal Reserve and all western central banks will print enough money to get the system through for another few years… just enough for them to get out of office and retire to their Caribbean island villas before all the western fiat currencies enter hyperinflation.

Additionally, I believe this will create one final bubble. The tech bubble is dead. The housing bubble is dead. And the bubble in government debt is in its death throes. What will be the final bubble?

It Will Be in Gold and Silver Mining Stocks

But the question remains — How can we safely invest in gold and silver mining shares and avoid the collapse brought on by The Coming Broker Dealer Crisis?

Through my research I discovered there are actually three methods of owning stock investments. The traditional method, which the majority of investors use today, puts the individual investor at the greatest risk, while offering the greatest upside to the broker-dealer. This traditional method of opening a stock account, purchasing shares, and allowing your broker to hold them for you is called, “street name registration.” It is the riskiest of all methods and allows your broker to lend your shares to short sellers, thereby driving down the price of your own stocks. Additionally, this method allows your broker to “re-hypothecate” your assets–meaning it allows your broker to borrow money against your shares and speculate in the derivatives market!

These hidden risks are planting the seeds of tomorrow’s ultimate collapse In which there may be a system-wide collapse of broker dealers, taking down tens of thousands of investors, and ensuring permanent non-recoverable losses to an entire generation of investors!

“Several million private accounts may vanish–Brokerage accounts, Pension funds, Mutual funds, they’re all at risk. We are getting into the middle stages of implosion, podiumwhere I believe the public will not wake up until at least one million private accounts are stolen, and completely vanish.”

-Jim Willie, The Hat Trick Letter,


There are two methods of owning stocks your broker-dealer will never tell you about!

These two methods completely remove the broker dealer counter party risk attached to your shares–effectively removing them from “the system.”

These two methods discussed in, “BulletProof Shares” – How To Protect Your Stocks From Broker Bankruptcy & Theft, deprive your broker dealer the abilities to sell your stocks short and to “re-hypothecate” them. Your broker dealer will never willingly tell you about these methods—because they make more money when your shares are in their hands—precisely where risks are greatest to you.

These methods are so safe, that even if your broker dealer collapsed tomorrow, and stole every penny from every client investment account—you would be able to sleep safe and sound, knowing your stocks are far out of reach, and legally unavailable to access by your broker-dealer.

With the methods discussed in “BulletProof Shares”…If the entire broker-dealer industry collapses–your stocks will be 100% safe.

This means everyone–all brokers in the Unites States and Canada. If every broker collapsed tomorrow due to waves of bankruptcies, the ownership methods documented within BulletProof Shares will protect you 100%. You will be able to sleep safe and sound at night, knowing your shares are carrying ZERO COUNTER PARTY RISK.

There will be more opportunity in this crisis than in any other in the past century. In order to profit from the coming crisis you need to ensure that if/when your brokerage goes bankrupt you still retain ownership of your shares.

If you are able to preserve & accumulate wealth during the collapse, you will be offered the greatest buying opportunity of our generation. Blue-chip companies may be purchased for pennies on the dollar…but the trick is to safely protect your assets until we reach that point.

With these risks in mind—what if I were to tell you that for the cost of administrative fees, these layers of “common-sense insurance” can be applied to any size stock portfolio, even on share investments worth north of $100 million? Well that’s what I’ve discovered and documented in “BulletProof Shares”!

I’ve been covering the ongoing collapse of the western financial system… and I’ve been adamant that there are two main ways to protect yourself and profit from the collapse… by owning gold and silver bullion and the miners who produce precious metals.

Owning gold and silver bullion will protect your assets… and owning shares in the miners will likely result in massive profits. However, this multi-generational profit opportunity will only present itself for those who can make it through the collapse with ownership of their shares intact.

Professional Testimonials

What Professional Newsletter Writers and Market Commentators Are Saying about “BulletProof Shares” – How To Protect Your Stocks From Broker Bankruptcy & Theft:

“Please do not sleep on my dear friends. If you do nothing, you may very well have nothing in the end…The material contained in here concerning the system and market events is correct…I should know. I have owned brokerage and clearing houses.sinclair The answer lies, in my opinion, in going to direct registration at the transfer agent and …ultimately, where possible, to paper certificates.”

-Jim Sinclair, Publisher of and CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration, in a special email dispatch to JS Mineset readers.

“The opportunities in Gold and Silver mining shares today are tremendous. But the way in which you own those shares may determine whether or not you succeed in the end. morgan“BulletProof Shares offers a step by step outline of how to protect your stock investments from broker default. All of my paying subscribers have obtained copies, and I highly recommend it.”

-David Morgan, Publisher of The Morgan Report

Reader Testimonials

What Others Are Saying about “BulletProof Shares” – How To Protect Your Stocks From Broker Bankruptcy & Theft:

“This was an incredible deal, thanks so much for all your tireless work!”

-Charles P.

“Nice job, great report! ”

-Barry E.

“This is the best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you! ”

-Peter L.

“I’ve found ‘BulletProof Shares’ to be very helpful–thank you.”

-John B.

“This information makes me feel great, and its more vindication of my own investment views–thank you!”

-Wayne T.

“I’m a retired Canadian who’s been investing for twelve years. I’m very impressed with this research, the clear presentation, organization, and use of language. It gets an ‘A’ from me on just about everything, and I’m a tough critic. Thank you so much for this excellent work.”

-Lynn R.

My Zero-Risk 100% Lifetime Guarantee

Dear Reader,

Thank you for interest in learning more about protecting your stock investments from broker bankruptcy and theft.

I was frustrated and angry after the events of MF Global, and needed a way to begin protecting the stock investments of my friends and loved ones.

I dedicated countless 15 hour days to researching stock ownership methods, and in the process discovered both shocking and relieving information about the security investment industry. I have documented all of my findings in “BulletProof Shares” – How To Protect Your Share Investments From Broker Bankruptcy and Theft. I wrote then entire paper myself, and stand by it 100%.

If for any reason at all, you are unsatisfied with your purchase either today, tomorrow, or 5 years from now, simply send me an email requesting a refund. We’ll will return every penny–that’s my promise. tekoaThank you so much for your support, and good luck with you stock investments.

-Tekoa Da Silva, Publisher of and author of “BulletProof Shares” – How To Protect Your Stock Investments From Broker Bankruptcy & Theft.

Here’s Just a Few Things Included In “BulletProof Shares”…

  • Detailed descriptions of all three share ownership methods(two of which your broker will not tell you about)
  • Risk ratings for each of the three share ownership methods
  • Counter-party risk diagrams never shown to the public before
  • “How-to” instructions for all share ownership methods
  • Detailed instructions for two share ownership methods which “de-risk” your shares and sever them from the financial system
  • Tips on getting around unhelpful broker dealers
  • Recommendations for two brokers who offer alternative share ownership a ZERO additional cost
  • Instructions for both domestic and foreign investors seeking alternative forms of share ownership
  • Resources for investors looking to protect stock investments held within 401ks and IRAs
  • A full list of resources to help you get started in protecting your stock portfolio

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: My stocks are held in a retirement account–will I be able to use the methods you speak of in the report, and without paying taxes?
A: Yes. By using a self-directed retirement account administrator(two are recommended in the report) to help with the paperwork, you will be able to safely remove your stocks from in the financial system, and you should not be liable for capital gain taxes as you are not selling your shares–you are simply converting them to a different format and transferring their custodial location.

Q: I live outside the United States–can I still use the methods discussed in the report for my shares?
A: Yes. I recommend brokers who accommodate foreign investors, and I provide instructions in the report on how foreign investors can use the protection methods.

Q: I live Canada–can I still use the methods discussed in the report for my shares?
A: Yes.

Q: What are the methods you discuss in the report?
A: In BulletProof Shares I provide a detailed analysis of “street name registration”, “direct registration”, and “paper share certification” ownership methods.

Q: Can I learn about these methods on my own without purchasing the report?
A: Yes. Although I spent hundreds of hours collecting, organizing, and sorting through all of the correct and incorrect information available on the market in writing this report, it’s not required that you purchase the report to learn about these methods. In the research process however, I also spoke with dozens of transfer agents, broker dealers, public companies, and even the SIPC. I went through this process because I wanted to know exactly how everything worked–which is the long and hard road of learning these methods. If you choose to go through the same process, you will encounter similar time commitments in order to obtain accurate information. The choice is yours.

Q: Why should I consider these methods when I can just move my shares to a safe brokerage?
A: Unfortunately, there are no safe broker dealers left in the West in our humble opinion. The safety of your brokerage account is limited to the moral reliability of the employees and senior management of the broker dealer holding your assets, and the banking institution your broker dealer works with. Both of these industries have been compromised, and the firms have lied over and over again to the public–in our estimation, the quest of finding a “safe-broker” may be akin to searching for the “best liar in town.” Would you eat at a restaurant whose delicious food always killed 10% of it’s guests? Is one delicious meal you can make on your own worth risking your life for? Trusting all your stock investments to broker dealers is foolish in our opinion, and as the wise saying goes, “a fool and his money are soon parted.”

By purchasing “BulletProof Shares” for $44.95, you can easily ensure that all your shares are legally structured to survive the collapse of your own brokerage…or even the collapse of the entire system.

The cost is nothing compared to the benefit of knowing your shares are OWNED BY YOU, no matter what. Your brokerage will never share this information with you willingly. That’s why it is up to you to figure it out on your own. “BulletProof Shares,” offers an easy outline, detailing a simple step-by-step process to make your shares completely bulletproof.

As a Special Offer with your purchase I’m including some bonuses which I think you’ll really like…

Special Offer Bonus #1: Exclusive Interview Editorial With SIPC Agent Entitled:

“The Dirty Secret the SIPC Doesn’t Want You To Know About”

The first bonus item I’ll be sending you, is a copy of the editorial interview I conducted with the SIPC entitled, “The Dirty Secret the SIPC Doesn’t Want You To Know About”. It’s a quick and easy read, outlining just how weak the organization is in my opinion.

Many feelSIPC the SIPC to be the ultimate protective blanket across the market, but it may in fact, be the Achilles heel which destroys confidence in the financial system.

I recommend you read this report after receiving it, and give the subject some careful thought.

Special Offer Bonus #2: Exclusive Interview Editorial Entitled:

“On The MF Global Collapse: Turk, Casey, Morgan, And Rubino Share Exclusive Thoughts”

The second extra item I’ll be sending you is a fascinating interview editorial. Now this was an exciting piece to write, in which I sat down with James Turk, Doug Casey, David Morgan, and John Rubino—-all legends in the precious metals community, and I asked their thoughts on the implications of MF Global on the financial system. And some of their answers were shocking! When I first wrote the article, a major publishing house turned it down—-because they didn’t want to cause a panic among readers, when finding out just how fragile the financial system really is.

Special Offer Bonus #3: Exclusive Audio Interview With Jim Willie Entitled:

“The Public Will Not Wake Up Until At Least One Million Private Accounts Are Stolen”

Now the last thing I’ll be sending you here today is an audio interview I conducted with economic newsletter writer, Jim Willie, publisher of the Hat Trick Letter.

When describing what may be the next major collapse in the financial system, Jim said,

“Several million private accounts may vanish–Brokerage accounts, Pension funds, Mutual funds, they’re all at risk. We are getting into the middle stages of implosion, where I believe the public will not wake up until at least one million private accounts are stolen, and completely vanish”.podium

This was one of the most powerful and popular interviews I’ve ever conducted, it is no longer available to the general public, but I’d like to include it here today with your purchase, because I think you’ll like it.

Final Limited Time Bonus: Lifetime Updates

To take this offer over the top and really make it a winning proposition…I’d like to also offer you FREE lifetime updates.

As the financial system continues it’s freefall into bankruptcy, I’ll update you with new copies of “BulletProof Shares” whenever they’re released, and keep you up to date and informed with what’s going on in the system.

Additionally, what I’ve found after thousands of investors purchased copies of the report, was that people from all over the world sent in additional questions for me to research–things I hadn’t thought of. I got to work right away answering those floods of questions, and updating the report with the most cutting edge information.

While I consider “BulletProof Shares” to be highly detailed, yet simple in explanation, there may be future questions and developments in the market, which YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT.

So as the final add-on service to this package, you’ll also be taking home a complimentary lifetime update service. Not bad huh?

New releases will be automatically sent to you.

What are you waiting for–another MF Global to hit?

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Buy BulletProof Shares Right Now For Only $44.95!

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Tekoa Da Silva
Founder of and Author Of BulletProof Shares